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Warm up to cozy evenings, ignite your imagination with our bespoke fireplace remodeling for both indoors and out.

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A fireplace, the quintessential focal point of any room, embodies warmth, elegance, and tradition. Our Fireplace Design & Renovation Services aim to elevate this emblematic feature, blending classic charm with contemporary design. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic stone hearth or a sleek modern fireplace, our dedicated team crafts designs that not only heat your space but also captivate the senses.

There’s something inherently magical about gathering around a fireplace, sharing stories and making memories. Our Fireplace Design & Renovation Services focus on amplifying this magic, turning your fireplace into a striking and functional masterpiece. Combining the art of design with the science of safety, our skilled team crafts fireplaces that become the beating heart of your living space.

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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dance of flames encased within a design that speaks to your aesthetic tastes. At Spring Road Design & Renovation, we prioritize the transformation of this cherished home feature, ensuring it resonates with both warmth and style. From classic mantels to avant-garde designs, our experts infuse each project with innovation and craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

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Fireplace Remodeling FAQs

We're here to support your vision with design and renovation services.

Yes, many wood-burning fireplaces can be converted to gas. We’ll assess your current structure, ensure it meets safety standards, and recommend the best gas insert or log set for your needs.

The duration of a fireplace remodel can vary based on the scope and complexity. Simple resurfacing might take a few days, while extensive structural changes can extend to a couple of weeks. We’ll provide an accurate timeline after our initial assessment.

Depending on local building codes, permits might be necessary, especially if structural changes are involved. We’ll handle all the permitting processes to ensure the project complies with local regulations.

Relocating a fireplace is a significant undertaking, involving adjustments to ventilation, gas lines, or chimneys. While it’s possible in many cases, we’ll need to evaluate the specific circumstances of your home to provide a definitive answer.

Certainly! Whether you’re considering a new mantle, a change in the surround material, or a sleeker design, our team can transform your traditional brick fireplace into a contemporary focal point.

Maintenance largely depends on the type of fireplace and materials used. For example, gas fireplaces might need annual checks of burners and ventilation, while wood-burning fireplaces may require chimney cleaning. We’ll provide a detailed maintenance guide tailored to your specific remodel.

Absolutely! Adding or customizing a mantel can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace. We offer various design options, from classic wood to modern stone, tailored to match your room’s décor.

es, we offer services for outdoor fireplaces, ensuring they’re designed to withstand external elements and provide a cozy atmosphere for your outdoor living spaces.